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About REDG
REDG (Regional Engineers Distributors Group)

REDG is a buying group that can purchase at a lower price than individual businesses, therefore allowing Merseyside Pipeline Supplies Ltd to pass these saving on to its customers.

REDG (Regional Engineers Distributors Group) is a UK based buying group active in the pipeline supply industry. The Group consists of a number of companies who are all independent industrial distributors with regional Branch locations throughout the UK and who specialise in the distribution of pipeline and related products.

REDG represents leading manufacturers of tubes, valves and fittings in steel, stainless steel, copper and plastics.

REDG members have combined sales in excess of £100m, a stockholding capacity of over £16m and together employ over 850 staff.

REDG member companies offer specialist product expertise with well trained staff who can provide technical sales support for a wide range of pipeline products. Together with regional stock holding and daily delivery capabilities, our membership is committed to offering competitive pricing with a high level of customer service.

REDG supplies the following industry sectors: Heating and Ventilation, Building & Mechanical Service, Factory Maintenance, Hospitals, Health Service and Local Authorities, Water Authorities, Utility Contractors and Manufacturing.

Objectives :-
To maintain and improve the Members competitive position in the market place.
To profit from our combined strengths by using suppliers both nationally and internationally.
To provide a forum for the development of new products by the member companies.
To ensure the profitable growth of member companies.

Benefits :-
Improved buying terms leading to better savings to clients.
Stronger and recognised position in the market place.
New products for the future development.
New distributorship as a national network.
Forum for like - minded companies.
Improved market and commercial awareness and knowledge.

Service :-
Each Member's total stockholding and distribution resources are situated in the regional area.
Our individual stock profiles reflect the needs of our regional customers.
We offer flexible and quick response to our customers immediate needs.
We each have short lines of communication with senior management.
Our policies respond swiftly to ever-changing demands of our regional customers.
The commitment and support we receive from our principal suppliers acknowledges the level of service extended by REDG.

What is so special about REDG ?
Each Member's total stockholding and distribution resources are situated in the regional area.
Stock profiles reflect the needs of our regional customers.
Flexible and fast response to our customers immediate and changing needs.
Short lines of communication with senior management.
Total commitment and support by all our suppliers.
Maintaining the best traditions of personal service.


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